About PYCSSer


This tool for CSS writers allows you to paste a source of HTML and retrieve CSS ID and CSS Class names that will be found in the source.

Example usage:

Paste in the PYCSSer some random HTML sources like:

<div id="foobar">
<div class="foobar">

Result will be like:

#foobar {
.foobar {

Why use the PYCSSer?

The scenario of usage is when you have a HTML template or single HTML page ready and you are starting to write your CSS style sheet.

Giving the HTML source you are working on to the PYCSSer will help you to don't miss any elements in the page.

PYCSSer will returns a basic empty .css built with all HTML elements found in the source, that will contains a CSS ID or Class attribute; since the main structure of a HTML page is usually created using ID attribute, like

<div id="content"></div>